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Cause Of The Month
  • Being patriotic in simple words means loving and respecting your country. Your country is like your mother.
  • That is why we call India our 'Motherland."
  • We must respect our country and all its icons like the national flag, anthem, pledge and emblem. These icons are called the national insignia.
  • When our national anthem is played, we must stand up in attention and sing along, wherever we are.
  • We must salute our national flag when it is raised.
  • We must know the significance of our national emblem.
  • We must not show disrespect to our national insignia in any way. We must NOT tear any paper representation of our national flag. We must NOT make fun of our national anthem by singing it with different words or in other tunes.
  • We must understand the meaning of our pledge and remember it by-heart. We must act always in the spirit of the pledge.
  • We must remember our leaders who have fought for the freedom of our country.We must always protect our country and its resources from evil forces
  • As an eBalak, you must spread the message of this cause 'Be Patriotic' to everyone around you - your friends and family.
  • Write to us about how you have spread the message of the cause and the best entries will be published in the next month eBalak.
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